Unpainted Bride & Groom

Let’s create your own
Unpainted / Ready to Paint Bride and Groom, Family with children
Made of ceramic porcelain high fired at 1,250 degrees for durability
Interior apply clear glaze, food safe and easy to clean
Perfect to paint with acrylic color then clear gloss protected
It comes with rubber stopper food grade

You can paint this Unpainted Bride and Groom by using acrylic color, I recommend to you put white base foundation before you paint them it make your color more bright and last step just spray it with glossy finished.  this Bride and Groom do not need to fire again.

I have 2 sizes Medium and Small

Medium is Parent
Small is Children

Measurement: Parent ( Medium )
Tall: 2.7"
Wide 1.1"
Weight: 15 grams

Measurement: Parent ( Medium )
Tall: 2"
Wide 0.7"
Weight: 12 grams 

1 set = 1 parent 
1 man has 1 hole on top and you can fill salt on the bottom ( it come with rubber stopper)
and another is women has 2 holes on top and you can fill pepper on the bottom ( it come with rubber stopper)

It comes with soft rubber stopper easy to open/close have 2 color white and black

These Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper and then after your party you can use them as Salt and Pepper Shaker or Place Card Holder

My painted Bride & Groom, alway adorn with crystal and some of polymer or acrylic.  I have some skill in nail art so I adapt those skill in my work.  If you have skill in nail art you can also using acrylic in this Unpainted Love Birds. 

If you are interest to order this Love Birds or have any question please contact us  Contact Us

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